Numerous basic detector performance parameters can be established with cosmic ray muons and these results are a critical input to finalizing the production procedures of the first 10 kt DUNE far detector components. Potentially problematic components can be identified and improvements and optimizations of the detector design for future far detector modules can be developed In particular, the following checks are anticipated:

  1. characterizing the performance of full-scale TPC module
  2. studying the performance of the photon detection system
  3. testing and evaluating the performance of detector calibration tools
  4. verifying the functionality of cold TPC electronics under LAr cryogenic conditions
  5. performing a full-scale structural test under LAr cryogenic conditions
  6. verifying argon contamination levels and associated mitigation procedures
  7. developing and testing installation procedures for full-scale detector components
  8. identifying flaws and inefficiencies in the manufacturing process

protoDUNE-SP/NP04 High Level Goals

CERN prototype

  • Measure and benchmark detector performance of full scale detector components.
  • Develop manufacturing capabilities at multiple sites.
  • Test installation procedures and operation of full scale detector components.

CERN prototype beam test :

  • Assess Detector systematic uncertainties.
  • Validate and tune MC simulations to data.
  • Test reconstruction tools and PID.
  • Evaluate calibration tools and strategy for DUNE far detector.
  • Also: study pion interactions, muon capture, anti-proton annihilation, …

CERN ν-platform:

  • Validate membrane cryostats and cryogenics system.
  • Test data handling, distribution and processing.

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