The goals of the prototype detector (protoDUNE-SP/NP04) and beam test measurements include the use of a charged particle beam to:

  1. measure the detector calorimetric response for hadronic particles and electromagnetic showers
  2. study e/γ-separation capabilities
  3. measure event reconstruction efficiencies as a function of energy and particle type
  4. measure performance of particle identification algorithms as function of energy
  5. assess single particle track calibration and reconstruction
  6. validate accuracy of Monte Carlo simulations for relevant energy ranges as well as directions with respect to the wire-plane geometry
  7. study other topics with the collected data sets
    • pion interaction kinematics and cross sections
    • kaon interaction cross section to remove proton decay backgrounds
    • muon capture for charge identification

DUNE Primary Science Program : Focus on fundamental open questions in particle physics and astro-particle physics

Consistent with European strategy and P5 recommendations

  1. Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Physics
    • CPV in the leptonic sector
    • Mass Hierarchy
    • Precision Oscillation Physics (θ23octant, …) & testing the 3-flavor paradigm
  2. Nucleon Decay
    • targeting some SUSY-favored modes, e.g. p → Κ+ν 
  3. Supernova burst physics & astrophysics
    • Galactic core collapse super-nova, sensitivity to νe.

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